3CE Pink Hotel (Myeongdong) Tour!

3ce pink hotel myeongdong tour

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. Today I’ll be taking you on a tour of the Stylenanda 3CE Pink Hotel in Myeongdong, Seoul, and talking about my experiences shopping K-beauty in Korea. If you’re a fan of K-beauty, you have to check out this post!

Last year, pre-COVID, I stayed in Seoul, Korea for 3 months. I had such a great time there; I was fascinated by the food (especially the street food!), cafés, cultural differences and their beauty products. Not only are their beauty products very unique and different to western beauty, the way people shop is really different. I think that aesthetics in Korea is quite important, and this extends from product packaging to cafés and stores. This makes for a lot of cute or beautiful products, and a lot of lovely interiors! Shopping can actually be really fun and entertaining in Korea; shopping isn’t just about buying things, it’s also an experience!

That’s why I want to share some of my shopping experiences here with you! I think you’ll love what I’m about to share. So, let’s get into it…

On the average shopping street, you’ll come across lots of different beauty stores:

  • Etude House
  • 3CE
  • Holika Holika
  • The Face Shop
  • Skinfood
  • Innisfree
  • Tony Moly
  • Nature Republic
  • Missha
  • Aritaum
  • The Saem

And more! These are all popular Korean beauty brands, which usually carry both skincare and makeup. But Olive Young and LOHB’s, which carry many different brands are common too! You can actually get lost in these, because they’re so big and they’re jam packed with products.

However, of all the stores I visited in Korea, 3CE’s flagship store in Myeongdong is my absolute favourite. This shop is nicknamed the Pink Hotel, and has a café on the top floor called the Pink Pool Café. This store carries all the usual 3CE and Stylenanda (a clothing brand) products, but in a really innovative way. You’ll definitely be tempted to get your phone out to take some photos when you come here.

Ground floor

3ce pink hotel myeongdong tour

As you enter the store, you’ll come across 3CE’s makeup products on display. Isn’t the hotel theme so cute! The makeup in this shot is displayed like a hotel buffet… I love that.

3ce flagship store tour
3ce myeongdong seoul tour

More shots of their products on display on the ground floor.

stylenanda pink hotel myeongdong
3ce stylenanda pink hotel

While I was there, their Milk skincare collection was newly released. I love the milk carton design, it’s so fun. Unfortunately, the paint cans were just for display!

3ce seoul myeongdong tour

At the back of the shop, you have the elevators which you can use to go up to the next floors! Love the style of these and the sink on the right keeping with the hotel theme here. My girlfriend and I took the stairs up.

Here we are on our way up!

2nd Floor

On the second floor of the building, there’s a small area displaying some of their other products, including their makeup bags, in the style of a bathroom. I just love the style of this shop! I think it’s so innovative.

3ce stylenanda pink café tour
3ce flagship store myeongdong

3rd floor

If you can’t tell already, this was a really narrow but tall shop. This floor is kind of like the launderette. Here, you’ll find Stylenanda clothing. I actually really liked a lot of it but it was firmly out of my budget lol. The launderette style works so well I think.

3ce pink hotel myeongdong tour

4th floor

The fourth floor was themed like a hotel corridor with all the rooms on the sides. On this floor you have more Stylenanda clothes.

3ce pink hotel tour
3ce stylenanda myeongdong tour

Those are some dream house plants. They were absolutely real and absolutely huge!!


This is the top floor of the store! The café is themed like a pool which is super fun. The changing room on this floor (the picture on the right) was styled like a shower cubicle… Cute or what?!

I didn’t have anything to eat at the café though because we were going to a cat café directly after!

3ce stylenanda pink pool café
3ce stylenanda pink pool café

Overall, I had such a fun time in this store. If you can’t already tell, I find it incredibly fun when things look like one thing but they’re something else completely. I’ll definitely be updating this blogpost soon with some more shopping experiences I had in Korea because this place isn’t the only cool one! I might even do a blogpost on the whole Myeongdong shopping area. If this is something you’d be interested in seeing, let me know below in the comments.

I hope you found this post fun (or maybe even useful??)! If you go to Seoul, you should definitely check our Myeongdong, especially this 3CE/Stylenanda store.

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