Revox brand review

Revox B77 Cosmetics Review

This post is a brand review of Revox B77 Skincare!

When I was living in Spain, I came across a new line of skin care there that I had never heard of before. The brand is called Revox B77, and they are an extremely affordable brand, with simple packaging and branding. Many of their products feature active ingredients, making effective skin care accessible for everyone. This brand stood out to me for their sleek packaging which also seems quite eco-friendly; the only plastic on these products is on the cap and top of the pipette.

Range of products

Revox B77 sell a huge range of beauty products, such as serums, toners, masks, creams and micellar waters. They also offer some hair products, like hair masks and milks.

When I came across this brand, there were very few products left on the shelf, which is generally a good sign! As they’re extremely affordable, I could have bought one of each of the products left to give them a try, but I didn’t as I am trying to be a more conscious shopper. Instead, I bought the two products that I was the most curious about and that I thought I would enjoy.

I bought their 20% Glycolic Acid serum and their Hyaluronic Acid serum for £4 in total!


I really enjoy the packaging of the Revox B77 products that I bought. The boxes have a soft feel to them, and the branding is simple and sleek. The instructions are on the box and on the product inside, and they are clear and easy to follow. Their serums come in glass bottles with a glass dropper, which I appreciate as I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I buy. The dropper is a fantastic addition as it allows you to use the product without placing your hands inside the bottle, keeping it bacteria-free!

I do think that they took great inspiration from The Ordinary with their branding on the boxes and the bottle design, too. At first glance in the shop, I thought their products were The Ordinary products!

Product review

The ingredients in these products do not seem harmful to the skin, and neither of the two products have a very large ingredient list, meaning that there shouldn’t be too many unnecessary ingredients!

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The hyaluronic acid is a lightweight but very hydrating formula. I found that it’s gentle on my skin (as it should be!), and after patting it into the skin for a few moments, it sinks right in. I then apply a moisturiser on top to seal in the hydration. I usually use this serum at night time, and when I wake up, my skin is super glowy and feels incredibly soft and moisturised.

Revox Brand Review

20% Glycolic Acid Serum

This product has me very confused. First of all, on the bottle, it says to use 4-5 drops of the serum. I think this is way too much serum as I use 2-3 drops and it feels like more than enough. I don’t know if 4-5 drops would even sink into the skin! I think it would just form a thick layer on your face, making any other products you planned to use impossible to penetrate.

The second thing that I don’t understand about this serum is that although it has an extremely high percentage of glycolic acid, the instructions say to use it nightly. Most glycolic acid toners or serums that are designed to be used on a daily basis are 10% or less, whereas 20% formulations are usually glycolic acid peels. These are serums which are placed on the skin for a short period of time, and are then rinsed off. Chemical acid peels should only be used once or twice a week.

The only thing I can think is that perhaps the glycolic acid in the serum is not as effective as in other formulations, meaning that it is weak enough to be used daily. Nevertheless, I don’t feel comfortable using such a high percentage of glycolic acid on my face daily, so I’ll stop using this on my face.

I’ve started using this on my body, particularly on my keratosis pilaris and it feels gentle on the skin. It has been really helping reduce the texture of the bumps. I do really enjoy using glycolic acid on my keratosis pilaris. If you would like to see my top tips on how to reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris, check out my previous blog post.


I am quite impressed with this brand, considering the low cost of the products. I do feel that when products are this affordable it’s easy to go overboard and try them all. Our skin is a delicate thing, and it doesn’t really need too many products.

The main things you need in order to have soft and glowing skin are a good cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser, and of course SPF during the day time. Make sure to not over exfoliate or irritate your skin, and when trying new products, you should always do a 24-hour patch test before using them.

Have you ever heard of Revox B77? What affordable skin care do you like?

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